What's New?

have been ignoring our website for a really long time. . . it hasn't gone away, so I suppose it's time for me to try and update it.  My ancient copy of Frontpage (2000) seems to have ceased to work with my server any longer, so I have been forced to try something new.  Please bear with me as I discover new heights of web design ineptitude!

There is a new mini resin available!  Pipsqueak is the long awaited and MUCH requested mini version of the popular Warchant resin.

To keep tabs on what's happening in the studios, I invite you to follow us on Facebook as well as my blog.

So, please make yourself comfortable, have a look around the new site, and enjoy your visit!


Fine resin horse sculpture for show or pleasure


We have been producing high quality original sculpture in resin since 1998.  Our pieces consistently win top honors in the show ring and reside in the collections of the most discerning hobbyists.

We strive to keep our prices as realistic as our sculpting style, to encourage the growth and stability that is crucial to the future of the model horse hobby.  

We believe that collecting resins should be an enjoyable experience and as stress free as possible.  Because of this, you will not find unpainted resins at outrageous prices here.  We will not bombard you with loud music or flashy graphics on our site and we will do our best to not confuse or frustrate you with lotteries, auctions, or other complicated sales methods.  

We will treat you as an important and valued customer whether you are buying your first resin, or your tenth from us.

Thank you for considering the addition of a Bogucki resin to your collection.

The Boguckis,

Ed, Shirley, and Kathi